Help, I Am Sweating Too Much! Tips On How To Deal With Extensive Sweating

Sweating is a normal physiological process, it is the way how our bodies cool us down by secreting liquid through swear glads. However, excessive sweating can be a big inconvenience. Especially in summer, sweating too much can feel uncomfortable and affect many aspects of our lives. Keep reading this article to learn more about excessive sweating and how to deal with it. 

Medical Causes Of Extensive Sweating And Their Treatment 

Excessive sweating can be caused by an underlying condition called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis can occur due to various problems, thyroid problems, low blood sugar, diabetes, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. Extensive sweating can also be hereditary. If it is a hereditary factor, hyperhidrosis is not dangerous for the body. Anyway, if you are sweating too much, it is time to seek a healthcare professional and do lab tests. 

If there is an underlying health condition that causes excessive sweating, the healthcare provider may suggest nerve-blocking medications, antidepressants, prescription creams, sweat gland removal, or botulinum toxin (Botox) injections. Botulinum toxin treatment can control or even stop sweating for a period of 6 to 12 months. Each of these treatment options has its benefits and side effects, so they require professional medical help and expert advice. 

Lifestyle Remedies For Sweating Without Underlying Medical Conditions

To treat hyperhidrosis, you need to seek medical assistance. If your health is OK and you just want to control excessive sweating, there are various ways to do it. 

Switch To Topical Antiperspirants

Most of them have an absorbent effect and quickly absorb sweat. When choosing, pay attention to the composition. It is good if it contains chlorhexidine and triclosan. They help to fight microbes that cause unpleasant odors. Specialized deodorants often contain aluminum salts in various concentrations. A small dosage of them is quite safe (except for individual intolerance to the components). 

They have an astringent effect, and the number of wet spots on your favorite clothes is significantly reduced. But be careful, and choose antiperspirants, not deodorants. Make sure you apply the antiperspirant correctly: Use it after the bath at night and apply it only to clean and dry skin. To experience the sweat-stopping effect of antiperspirant at its fullest, remove underarm hair. Avoid applying antiperspirant right after shaving, because it can irritate your skin. As always, seek medical assistance before using antiperspirants to avoid possible negative side effects. 

Reduce Caffeine And Other Sweat-Inducing Beverages And Foods

Some foods are beverages can stimulate sweating by activating the acetylcholine transmitter. That’s why reducing your intake of these products can control your sweating. The sweat-inducing foods and beverages include:

  1. Spicy foods
  2. Ultra-processed foods and snacks (chips, crisps, biscuits, sausages, breakfast cereals, instant soups, ice cream) 
  3. Premade jarred sauces
  4. Unions and garlic
  5. Caffeine
  6. Beer, whisky, liquor, gin

So, eating potato chips or commercially baked pie for a snack when you binge-watch movies or play at 22Bat, might be not the best option if you suffer from sweaty armpits. The good news is there are delicious alternatives that reduce the amount of sweat. Dairy and not very fatty products, vegetables and fruits with high water content, whey, sweet potatoes, almonds, and bananas taste great and control the amount the sweat. As for beverages, drink more water and green tea to deal with excessive underarm sweating.

Practice Personal Hygiene Habits

Personal hygiene is simply necessary if you suffer from sweating too much. The first rule is to bathe or take a shower at least twice a day. Use absorbent pads during the day. If it is hot outside, you can cool down your body with ice packs. With severe sweating of the palms and feet, you can make compresses from nettles with sage as well as add essential oils to your shower gel. Rose or citrus oil will eliminate bad odor, and tea tree oil will get rid of germs.

Opt For Breathable Fabrics

It is worth paying attention to the clothes you wear, and more precisely, the materials from which it is sewn. Synthetics do not allow moisture to be absorbed. Choose Breathable light clothes made of cotton, linen, crochet, lace, or special moisture-wicking fabric that is used to make sportswear.

Sweating is healthy. However, excessive sweating may be a serious problem. If you notice that you are sweating too much, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional. If your excessive sweating isn’t caused by any medical conditions, some lifestyle changes might help. Since none of them will work immediately, you should incorporate them into your daily routine.

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